Friday, July 15, 2011

I Belong 2u :D

hye guys...
da lme xcarut kt cni..
actually, byk bnd ak nk cte kt kowg smue..
last night, ak dgn sah ny jd milik sowg laki who is mr. A..
bkn mr. A y ak pnh cte mr. A y len..huhuhu.
ok la..pgl dy mr. AZ... :)
yeesssssss !!! he makes me fall in love with him..dy caring. that was the important thing y ak plg utama kn..
mcm mne dy propose ak? hmm, bnd ni mgejut sbnrny..

kid : alala, debab2 pon comei aihhhhh.. :)
mr. A : haa, sbb 2la sye syg awk !!
kid : (speechless..........................)

then, ak tny dy tok kpastian la..sbb lately neh dy semcm je ng ak..

finally, he PROPOSE to me n DECLARED ! hny kmi je y tw..y len xtaw this moment, let it be our secret..ok syg :)..myb tlalu awl kte dclare..we just took a couple of weeks to know each other. tp ALLAH lbih berkuasa kn syg..i just hope hbgn ni kkal smp long awk pcye kn sy..i'll try my best to throw away this stupid feeling from my akn cbe lpe kn A..believe me, u are my mr. right..

p/s : crazy in love with mr. AZ..... :D


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