Friday, September 14, 2012

Who am i..

She is such a little girl,
The shortest one,
Comes from a big family,
A student n a sister,
So clumsy n so fragile,
Have to handle her carefully,
Pimples that always make her ugly,
Love writing but not reading,
Hardworking..hmm, not really,
Ice cream is her best buddies,
Crazy n always crazy,
Hate her haters,
Love her lover,
Choosy about everything,
A loner without her lover,
Everything must look tidy,
To make her happy,
To make her smile,
No matter what happen to her,
She will keep the secret alone,
Don't care what peoples say about her,
Cuz she is just a little girl,
Don't know everything about this world,
Yet she still a human with a piece of  feeling,
So, please don't make her sad,
Please don't make her cry alone,
Please make her smile,
Laugh as much as she can,
So the world will know,
She is really exist..

Budak y xcukup umor.. ;)


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