Saturday, October 6, 2012

For Mr. A & My Friends


      Hye guys..yeah, its me again..I got something to tell u. I mean all of u ;).. So, u know me as well right? I don't know how to start this, "asal nk update je mesti xde idea"..but first i want to let u know the real Zulaikha. U know what, peoples always misunderstand me. They might think i am too complicated, hard to comprehend, clumsy all the time, talking fast like 10x Kuasa Kuda, but actually that was my real character. Sometime i being nice to others so i hope they will be nice to me. I don't need ur attention, but please accept me just the way i am. Everyone have desire to be the best and so am i. Please don't neglect this. If u feel that i am so annoying, why don't u come, confront with me and slow talk to me. I'm ok with that as long u don't use harsh words with me..But what makes me suck with peoples around me is when they talking about me or in another word "kutuk ak la kn" behind me. Even my bff..haa?? Series, i'm so allergic with this kind of peoples. I don't know how to express my anger coz i'm not the type of girl who like yelling or shouting at peoples. Stay quiet n do anything i want to do till i feel much better. That's how i get rid of my anger. I respect peoples around me especially my friends..Here i have a suggestion for them. Why don't u respect me like i respect u? Simple right. No need to pay anything for this. Don't worry ur money still safe in ur wallet ;)

      Ok,  that's for my friends. Here is something i already prepared for u Mr. A..Who is Mr. A? I don't want to write his name here but i thinks all of u know who is he..yea, he is my xbf. B, u know what..i feel like a stupidest person when i'm texting u on that night.  I know we already separated. That's was my decision. I should not be like this. But i'm so so so so so boring because before this u always texting me. I never expect u to reply my message coz after we broke up we lost contact just like that. But u did. U reply my message. Honestly, i do love u until now. I'm waiting for u almost 4 months and now we only have a couple of week to be here. U know what, i'm waiting u for nothing. Nothing. Feel like a loser. How can i forget u coz u mean so much to me. Now i realize i lose something important in my life. Knp ko xpikir 2 kali haa eka?? uhhh..nevermind. benda da, bole plak cik eka neh ckp melayu..haha. Mr. A, i just want u know that i'm still loving always. If u want us to be like this, I will. As u wish..Take care of yourself..i'm done.

p/s : Broken english.. Ad ak kesah !!


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